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Make Money Playing Games Online

Few people realize that it is possible to make money playing games online. However, there are numerous websites that allow people to make money in their spare time. Luckily, these websites are not difficult to join, and the money earned can quickly add up to a meaningful amount. In particular, there are two websites that pay users the most for their time playing games.

Club Bing

club bing moneyClub Bing is owed and operated by Microsoft. This gives this website a credibility that few other websites possess. Members of Club Bing have numerous options available for collecting the money they have earned. In particular, users can redeem points for Amazon gift cards, games or other prizes. Generally, the Amazon gift cards offer the best pay rate. In fact, it is easy to earn a $25 gift card a week with minimal effort.

An interesting aspect of this website is that not all games pay the same amount. This means that users should carefully search the site for the newest games. Generally, the new games will pay the most to users. Fortunately, it is a simple process to sort the available games from newest to oldest.


SwagbucksSwagbucks is one of the oldest websites that offers users monetary rewards for playing games. Like Club Bing, Swagbucks allows users to earn points while they play games. These points can be redeemed for various prizes. Once again, the most popular option for redeeming points is also through Amazon gift cards.

While this website is similar to its Microsoft competitor, there are some key differences. In particular, Swagbucks has a slightly lower pay rate than Club Bing. Also, it is currently not possible to sort games based on pay rate. However, Swagbucks does have a key advantage over Microsoft. The website hosts a much larger library of games, and this makes it more likely that an individual will find a game that they enjoy playing.

There are countless ways that a person can earn money from the internet. However, the option to make money playing games online is one of the most enjoyable ways to accomplish this goal. While an individual will not get rich from these websites, they do offer an enjoyable alternative to traditional methods of earning money.