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How Much Money Is In An ATM?

The ATM can sometimes seem like a magical machine. It is rare that the machine will actually run out of currency, and it often seems that it holds more than anyone could theoretically ever take out. It can lead many to wonder exactly how much money is actually inside the machine. While the answer varies quite a bit due to a number of factors, the short answer is generally “quite a bit”. While difference machines holds different amounts and there are variables that can make significant differences, many machines hold more than six figures worth of bills.

What is the answer?

The answer to the question of how much money is in an ATM is actually quite complicated. A given ATM can only hold so many bills, the number of which varies by machine. These bills may be in different currency denominations – some hold only twenty dollar bills, while others hold tens or five. As a rule, the fewer number of denominations available, the more money will actually be held in the machine. Most machines hold an amount varying between eighty-four thousand dollars and one-hundred forty-four thousand dollars, though machines from smaller banks may hold less. This number fluctuates during the day as money is withdrawn, though, and some machines will actually run out of cash if they are placed in high traffic areas.

Business owner’s and ATMs

If you are a business owner looking for an ATM, you should always consider the amount that the machine holds. A small business may have no need for a machine that holds over a hundred thousand dollars, while those in high traffic areas may need a machine that can hold a six figure sum. Remember that the amount of money will vary by the machine and by the time of day, and you should be able to estimate how well your ATM is running.