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How Much Money Can I Make As A DJ?

For most DJs, it is more about the music than the money. However, having a good salary is an essential part of job satisfaction for any occupation, including DJ’s. Being a good DJ means more than spinning CDs, they also have to market their music, network, and build up clients.

Professional DJs are also responsible for forming beats and mixing tunes. They also need to find the right audience for their music, whether it is on a radio, nightclub, or private gathering. DJs also have to afford a range of music equipment like mixers, amps, microphones, and turntables.

Types of DJs

How much do DJs get paid?

Mobile DJs – These DJs provide entertainment for private social events such as parties and weddings. They are required to set up their own lighting/sound equipment and must dismantle it themselves after the gig.

Radio DJs – Also known as presenters, radio DJs need to maintain an entertaining and easy conversation flow. They need to interact with their audience via Twitter, Facebook, email, and phone calls. Radio DJs work on a tight schedule and use studio equipment for making commercial advertisements, jingles, and music playlists. Some famous radio DJs also perform at large music events and festivals.

Club DJs – A club DJs sole purpose is to keep people dancing. They select the music that best suits a party atmosphere and usually incorporate lighting/visual effects in the performance. Club DJs may also support an MC singer or rapper.

How Much Do DJs Get Paid?

20 dollar billMobile DJ – It all depends on your experience level. Beginners may start off as low as $100 per night, while more experienced DJs can charge as much as $500 per night. The more famous you are, the more you can charge for your services. A mobile DJ is can also charge more than a club or radio DJ since they have to bring their own equipment.

Radio DJ – Per year, the starting salary for a radio DJ is $25,000. While experienced radio DJs can earn over $100,000 a year, the average salary is $38,000-$60,000. The exact amount will depend on the company, location, and additional job benefits.

Club DJ – A famous club DJ like Tiesto or Armin Van Burren can easily make over $150,000 a year. With a little experience, a club DJ can charge up to $500 a session, and then move up to $1000 as their experience/fame increases.