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AdWords Business Credit

One of the primary needs of small businesses is capital. For the small and medium-sized business owner reaching more customers by leveraging the power of the Internet, this need for capital can be even more acute when they consider the funding needed to advertise on the web. Google has developed a business credit card that can fill that need.

The Google AdWords Business Credit is designed specifically for the small business owner that desires to use Google AdWords to promote their business on the web. The AdWords sponsored links have been a major success for many businesses. Since Google is the leader in search, this is another tool that a business can use in their arsenal to help them compete in the global marketplace. The credit can be used to provide financing for ongoing ad campaigns and for new campaigns that can be targeted toward specific areas. This helps the owners use their other funds to develop their products and expand their businesses.

Google has used AdWords credits in the past as part of their pilot program that was implemented with about 1,400 U.S. companies participating last year. The program was designed to encourage businesses to invest more in Google’s AdWords. The company had also given special credits to various users through offers based on their use of AdWords. For each investment they made in AdWords, they gained additional credits.

The Google AdWords Business Credit card represents a major investment in the program based on the positive results they received from the pilot program. Almost three-fourths of the diverse companies in the pilot program say they used the card as their primary form of payment for AdWords. A launch in the United Kingdom is expected to be followed by the full implementation of the program in the United States.

Google AdWords Business Credit cardThe Google AdWords Business Credit Card provides a convenient and efficient way for a business owner to keep their AdWords expenses separated from their other business transactions. This makes it easier for tax preparations, audits and other needs that require adequate record-keeping and documentation.

Comenity Capital Bank has been selected as the institution to offer the Google AdWords Business Credit Card in the United States. The card has an annual percentage rate that ranges from 8.99% to 18.99%. While Comenity Capital Bank offers the card with competitive interest rates, the specific rate that a business owner will receive depends upon their credit rating. Evaluation of the applicant’s credit rating will be made by Comenity Capital Bank, the card issuer.

One of the perks of the card is that it has no annual fee and it offers low minimum monthly payments. Recipients will receive a substantial credit line that will be beneficial for their AdWords campaigns. The card is restricted to use for the AdWords account and cannot be used to make purchases outside of AdWords. This makes it a dedicated card with a singular purpose for business owners that use Google AdWords.

To be eligible for the card, the applicant must receive a personalized invitation from Google AdWords. The invitation provides an Application ID that is used to apply for the card on the Comenity Capital Bank website.

For those businesses using the AdWords Business Credit, they will find that it gives them greater flexibility to respond to seasonal and targeted marketing campaigns that they may wish to run. With the business credit, they won’t be constrained by cash flow problems that are typical to many small and emerging businesses. Since it is established specifically for Google AdWords, companies have an additional financial instrument and credit line to use on the Google site.

Not only is the Google AdWords Business Credit beneficial to the small and medium-sized business owner, it also has great benefits for Google and consumers. For Google, it helps to keep business customers using their website and it reduces advertising funds that may go to their competitors such as Amazon, Facebook and Yahoo. It may introduce Google AdWords to many business owners that have not used it to advertise and market their products or those not familiar with Google Adwords.

For consumers, it will bring new businesses to Google to advertise their products and services, thereby increasing competition and introducing new products and services to a wider audience. They may benefit from the businesses using the Google AdWords Business Credit by having more creative and well-placed ads to gain the consumer’s attention.

If the Google AdWords Business Credit is as successful with a larger pool of companies as it was in the pilot program, Google may lead the way for broadening the utilization of this type of financial instrument. It remains to be seen by industry watchers how Google will leverage the business credit, or something similar, into other areas of their business lines, products and applications. Their competitors will be watching closely, too.

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